Patented Luxury Container House

Our Patented Luxury Container House is a flatpacked, modular, stackable, and low-cost prefab container. It is easy and quick to install, and can even be combined and extended.

It is made of a heavy duty structure that meets international building standards with high wind resistance levels. Our high quality prefab containers are equipped with a patented built-in gutter and downspout and are available anytime.

Best uses include site offices, clinics, barracks, canteens, mini shops, guard houses, showrooms, temporary facilities, and dormitories.

Parts and Illustrations



Dimensions  6m Length x 2.4m Width x 2.6m Height
Walls  2" polystyrene insulation with double-sided 0.45mm pre-painted GI sheet
Roof  Glasswool insulation with pre-painted GI sheet roof and interior ceiling
Door  Security steel door with lock set
Flooring  Magnesium board with PVC cover
Windows  2 sets of aluminum frame sliding windows
Lighting  2 pcs. fluorescent lights with housing
Electrical  Hidden electrical wires, 2 electrical outlets, 1 switch, 1 electric distribution box, 1 protective current switch, ICEE connection plug/socket
Steel Frame  Galvanized with two coatings
Stacking  Can be stacked up to 2 floors high
Lifting  Can be lifted using crane/forklift or manually when dismantled
Additional Options  Toilet and bath, interior partitions


Sample Uses